Odaiba is famous city in the world for sight seeing and the reazon of this is there are beautiful `Rainbow bridge`,`White sand beach`that was built by the airlift in Bubble economy era in Japan. And it was built by Tokyo city government for the secondary center of Tokyo city. There are many famous place like Fuji-TV head office BLD, Hotel Nikko, Hotel Melidian, Aqua City, and Decks. It is called that the name of `Odaiba` is named after `Daiba`, that was in English `Fort`. For now, they are only left that 3rd `Daiba`, and 6th `Daiba`, and the 3rd `Daiba` can be seen still now at Odaiba seaside park. There is a replica of the artillery. In general, a tourist comes Odaiba by Yurikamome that is new generation driver-less train through `Rainbow Bridge`.